Estética y Rehabilitación oral

Aesthetics and Oral Rehabilitation

We know how important it is to have a beautiful smile, and the benefits it brings, a healthy mouth gives you more confidence. We currently have different techniques that will help you correct the appearance of your teeth by improving them. Our professionals will advise you on your first visit, on what is the best solution for your case.

Odontología general

General odontology

We carry out prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies such as tooth pain, bleeding gums, dental sensitivity, cavities, bone loss.

Implantes y cirugía maxilofacial

Implants and maxillofacial surgery

We diagnose and treat pathologies of the mouth, teeth and face, tumors due to growth defects and trauma.



We carry out diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect tissues that surround and support the teeth in the bone.



Our team of endodontic specialists are responsible for carrying out the root canal treatment, extracting the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, disinfecting and then filling the space for a definitive restoration.



Preventive orthodontics and corrective orthodontics we have the support of professionals and the best technology to give you the smile you've always dreamed of.


Pediatric dentist

The main objective during any dental treatment is to guide the child so that his attitude is positive towards the east. We provide services based on promotion and prevention programs.

Odontólogos Medellín

Oriana Valente

root canals

Odontólogos Medellín

Alana Hurd

Oral and aesthetic rehabilitation


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